Membership Fees


Day Pass Rates

1-Day Pass:  $10/Visit, no key fob

5-Day Pass: $30 plus refundable $20 key fob fee

Membership Options

1 Year Individual:

$35/month or $396/year (if paid in full)

Family 1-Year Membership (couples and family members residing in same household):

$64/month or $720/year (if paid in full)

Group Membership:

Discounted rates are available for groups of 2 or more members, usually associated with a company, organization or social group.  Contact us for more details.

Senior Membership:

Individuals age 65 and over

$32/month or $360 per year (if paid in full)

Veteran Membership:

The Veteran Membership provides a discounted membership rate to US Military veterans.

$27/month or $300/year (if paid in full)

Temporary Memberships:

One to three month memberships are available for individuals.  These are a great option for college students, summer employees and people wanting to try out our gym.

1 month $40, 2 months $80, 3 months $117 (each must be paid in full at sign up)

Membership requirements and other information:

Minors ages 15 and under must be accompanied by parent or fitness trainer while working out in the gym.

All memberships require the purchase of a $20 key fob needed for 24-hour access.  $15 of the fob fee is refundable if the fob is returned and the membership was 3 months or less in duration.

If the membership is paid monthly, the monthly payments must be made via reoccurring bank or credit card charges on or about the 15th of each month.

Month to month memberships (those longer than 3-months that are paid monthly) may be cancelled by the member after the 4th month by notifying WSAF by the first day of the cancellation month.