InBody Body Composition Testing

About InBody

InBody is the most effective and state of the art body composition testing available. With a quick 20-minute appointment, you will receive a full body scan and your results with be reviewed for you with one of our certified personal trainers. Scans include percent body fat, visceral fat, lean muscle mass and water as well as distribution of each. With this information, you'll have the information to train effectively for your body. 


The InBody machine will be returning to WSAF in March 2018. Check back to this site in mid-February for exact dates and to schedule your assessment. If you have questions, call the WSAF gym at (307) 587-3467.


  • Why should I get body composition testing? 
    • Not everyone has the same body type and composition, and therefore not every athlete should train the same way. Body composition testing helps you understand the most effective way to train.
  • Are there any side effects of body composition testing?
    • No, body composition testing is completely safe and non-invasive.
  • What's the benefit of multiple scans over time?
    • Scans over a period of time will allow you to see how your training is changing your body composition (i.e. is your training increasing your lean muscle mass? Are you losing body fat or muscle when you lose weight?).