Membership and Fees

Day Pass Rates

1-Day Pass:  $10/Visit, no key fob

5-Day Pass: $30 plus refundable $20 key fob fee

Membership Options

Sumer Special - Ends 8/31/18:   

1 month for $25 (limit 2 months)

3 months for $66 

1 Year Individual Membership:

$33/month or $396/year

Family 1-Year Membership (couples and their minor children):

$60/month or $720/year

Gymnastics Parents!!   You're entitled to a free, one-week pass if your child is enrolled in Heart Mountain Gymnastics.


Minors ages 15 and under must be accompanied by parent or fitness trainer while working out in the gym.

All memberships require the purchase of a $20 key fob needed for 24-hour access.  Fobs may be refundable if the membership is less than 3 months in duration.


Hotel and Guest Ranch Memberships

Special group rates available for hotels and guest ranches. Please contact WSAF for more information and eligibility. 

Please Note:

Monthly payments occur via automatic bank withdrawal on or about the 15th of each month.