Meet Our Training Team!



Meet Jess! She’s here to help your journey to becoming Healthy and fit. She has been a certified trainer for over 16 years in addition to being an Exercise and Sport Science Nutrition Coach, and an International Detoxification Specialist. She’s also a former olympic athlete and loves helping others develop a passion for fitness! 



 Meet Brittany! She is a certified personal trainer and a certified gymnastics coach. She loves group fitness and is excited to introduce new fitness classes the the Cody Community! Brittany is energetic and loves partnering with clients to become the best they can be. 



 Meet Lauralin! She’s a certified personal trainer with the national academy of sports medicine, is a Corrective Exercise Specialist and holds a bachelors in Health Sciences from Arizona State University. She is excited to help clients build fitness routines based on a solid foundation of core and balance. She loves making fitness fun rather than something to endure! 



Meet Erin, WSAF's Certified Mental Performance Coach!   Erin has a Master's degree in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Denver.  Erin will work with you, through a variety of techniques, to maximize your performance in sport, professional and personal goals.