Personalized Fitness at WSAF

Personal Training

We have three certified, experienced, and enthusiastic personal trainers available to help you meet your goals. You can schedule one-on-one training sessions or join a group session. Your trainer will tailor your workouts to meet your specific fitness goals.

Nutrition Counseling

At WSAF, we want to address the whole person, and a big part of that is nutrition. We have experts who can tailor meal plans specifically to help you meet your goals. They will work with you to find sustainable nutritional guidelines for both your short and long-term well-being. 

Injury Prevention and Recovery

While we're here to help you rehab from sports injury, we specialize in prevention of injury. Our staff includes an athletic trainer and injury prevention specialist who will partner with you to work on techniques to prevent injury and strengthen key muscles to keep you safe. If you're recovering, we will partner with you to get you back to your best.

How to Sign Up

To get involved in personalized fitness at WSAF, simply call our office, email us or ask one of our staff next time you're in the gym!